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Kawasaki Loaders Early Warning Oils Analysis Program
KLEW... Kawasaki Loaders Early Warning Program
Kawasaki offers a wealth of information at your fingertips about the condition of both your equipment and the lubricants you are using. But it means nothing if you can't put it to work for you.

Kawasaki's KLEW program is provided with every Kawasaki wheel loader you register in Kawasaki's Extended Warranty Program. Routine sampling of your loader's transmission, axles, and planetaries is most effective as a diagnostic tool for you and Kawasaki, when sampling is done at predetermined, scheduled intervals. Early detection of internal abnormalities can be addressed and corrections made effectively preventing component failure.

To expedite this service we are using a company named POLARIS Labs. Why the name POLARIS? It stands for Performance Oil Laboratory And Reliable Information Services! It is also the name of the North Star that has been used for centuries as a navigation star. POLARIS, guiding you to a reliable oil analysis program. HORIZON is the analysis site that is used to decipher the data.

Log on to the "KLEWKawasaki Loaders Early Warning Program" site to maximize your information's value. Fast and easy, you have access to our total oil analysis program containing summary reports, turnaround tracking, and sample scheduling, providing you with information to enable you to make maintenance decisions that make a difference.

Download the NEW "KLEWKawasaki Loaders Early Warning Program" brochure for a complete overview of the new services (Updated 07/23/2014).

For more information from POLARIS Laboratories, LLC. click here.
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