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Kawasaki Loaders Asset Monitoring System
K-LINK... Kawasaki Loaders Asset Monitoring System
This is a complete hardware, software, and network solution designed to improve the management, security, and productivity of your Kawasaki Loader. K-Link is avaiable as a Factory/Dealer installed option.

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The interface to the new diesel engines' Electronic Control Module (ECM) via J1939/CAN bus, provides new information such as:
Warranty engine hours
Idle Hours (Certain Models)
Fuel Consumption (Certain Models)
Engine Starts
Engine Fault Codes
Machine Controller Fault Codes
Distance Traveled

The K-Link system is helpful with identifying operational and applicational related issues that can be addressed.

The new ZV-2 transmission controller with the CAN bus interface has significantly improved the ability to obtain fault code information and provided the basis for the design of the new K-Link 3 system.

This is our commitment to our customers to provide the latest, proven technology.

Key System Benefits:  
Customer Service
  Equipment information will improve without the need for customer involvement for
° Equipment location
° Engine run time
Customer equipment will have less down time through proactive service scheduling
° Current equipment information will be accessible to customers via the Internet
° Historical position and status information will be accessible via the Internet
Preventive Maintenance (Customer Managed)
  Automatic PM alarms can alert maintenance personnel for service scheduling
Equipment damage will decrease through out-of-parameter alerts
Proactive Service
  Service personnel will spend less time searching for equipment to service
Remote troubleshooting will save service call time
Theft Prevention/Retrieval
  Improved equipment tracking will reduce theft
Alarms can limit unauthorized movement with the Geo-fencing feature
Improved location information will permit quicker recovery of stolen equipment
Increased Residual Value
  Used equipment will have been better maintained, increasing their value
History of maintenance will be better documented
Improved Inventory Control
  Time involved in physical inventory searches and audits will decrease
Equipment hoarding will be reduced through utilization reports

K-Link 3 software is currently able to provide additional customer monitoring options, included in the monthly service, such as:
Start/Stop Alert: Records first engine start of the day and last shutdown of the day
Off-Hours Usage Alert: Engine is started during off-hours

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